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last 2 years I am working primary on Macbook Pro with Snow Leopard system and in the following days I want to upgrade to Lion OS X system. My worries comes from the setup that I currently use on the laptop - I have there installed and configured Ruby, Php, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Heroku-data, etc. Then also (over 12k emails), documents, photo galeries, just everything...

Is there any way to just install the new OS X and preserve my current programs+data+developer tools? If not, could you give me any tips, how to make the upgrade painless as much as possible?

Up to now, I am not experienced in upgrading OSX system, so I will welcome all advices.

Thank you!

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An OS upgrade on a Mac preserves all your files. The only thing to go with Lion are any PowerPC-dependent apps, as Rosetta is no longer available in 10.7.

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