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I'm trying to pass a parameter between a JSF page to another, from a bean to another. I know it is a common question, infact I've tried several approaches before writing it down. To do that I have put both the beans in session scope and added in the first bean the following:

<p:commandButton value="Submit" type="submit"
    actionListener="#{}" action="success">

            target="#{}" value="#{}" />

The problem is that I don't want these beans to be in session scope but in view scope. So I tried to put in my first page:

<p:commandButton value="Submit" type="submit"
    actionListener="#{}" action="success">
    <f:param name="foo" value="#{}"/>                     

And in the second page:

<f:viewParam id="foo" name="foo" value="#{}"

The problem is that the passed String is null so, obviously, I get an error form the Converter.

I think I'm missing something in the configuration of my managed beans. Do I have to link target and source bean in someway? At this moment I have this configuration:


Another question: In my app, the value, that I use during the conversion, is set autonatically by the database when I save the object so when I call:


The converter gets the id and turns it into a String (and viceversa, if needed). So, I wanted to know if in JSF is first called the actionListener or the function that sets the parameters .

Could be this the reason why I get a null String? Thanks a lot.

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The <f:param> is evaluated during rendering of the form, not during submitting of the form. Your problem suggests that the #{} value is only been set during submitting the form and thus not available during rendering of the form.

You'd basically need to replace action="success" by action="#{bean.action}" with

public String action() {
    return "success?foo=" + foo.getId();

Or, if you're using navigation cases


Unrelated to the concrete problem, the <f:param> doesn't support the converter attribute at all. You'd have to access the desired property directly (which is id in the above example).

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You'rr great!! I've only updated my navigation rule and it worked! – Daniela Mogini Nov 21 '12 at 15:36
You're welcome. – BalusC Nov 21 '12 at 15:37
For the converter, I was confusing with <f:setPropertyActionListener> that supports converters.. I updated the question to avoid confusion. – Daniela Mogini Nov 21 '12 at 15:41

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