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I just implemented Sonar Analysis on my project. It has java, Spring, Hibernate and GWT environment. I have written some unit test cases for the Business Layer using Spring-Junit 4. When i try to execute those test cases, it is working perfectly in Eclipse, maven install as well as in Sonar Reports as shown below:

The problem is, In Sonar Report Unit Test Coverage is remains 0.0% though there was 11 test cases executed successfully. I have generated this report on Standalone Sonar Server using command mvn sonar:sonar

Sample Test Case

@ContextConfiguration(locations = {"classpath:test-context.xml"})
public class ThresholdServicesImplTest {

    private IThresholdServices thresholdServices;

        public void testSomemethods(){
        //testing and validating the methods.


Sonar Screenshot ( Business Layer code)

screen shot of sonar for business layer module alone

From the above screenshot, there was 11 test cases executed successfully, but that doesn't have any impact on Unit Test Coverage.

Kindly provide your suggestion to resolve this.


  1. For other layer(Data and Service Layer) the unit test coverage are showing as expected.
  2. The total Number of Lines in this business layer is 2,995 and i would cover at least 500 LOC in my test coverage, So the percentage of Test coverage would not be negligible for this case.
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Do you verified if the jacoco.exec file has any coverage? You can run this code and verify. – Andre Piantino Apr 11 '13 at 14:18

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