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I have a WSDL which has multiple operations. For each op i want a template .xml with its response and request.

I know how to do this manually in soapUI but I would like to generate them using a groovy script. I googled a lot already, but seems I'm the only one who is looking for this.

My service has 16 Operations, so to do this manual would be too much time. Since the service gets updates every 2 months, an automation using a test step would be perfect.

I managed to do it for the requests already:

right-click on ´services´ in left tree, ´Generate Test Suite´, ´Single Test Case with one Request for each Operation´

then I loop through those Test Step Requests and store them on my disk.

    import com.eviware.soapui.impl.wsdl.teststeps.*

    for( testCase in testRunner.testCase.testSuite.getTestCaseList() ) 
        for( testStep in testCase.getTestStepList() ) 
            if( testStep instanceof WsdlTestRequestStep ) 
       "operation name: " +testStep.getName()

                // create file name
                Date startTime = new Date();
                def cur_Time = startTime.getMonth() + "_" + startTime.getDate();
                cur_Time = cur_Time + "_" + startTime.getHours() + startTime.getMinutes() +startTime.getSeconds()
                def fileName = testStep.getName() + "_" + cur_Time

                def inputFileRequest = new File("T:\\"+ "Request_" + fileName+".txt")
                def inputFileResponse = new File("T:\\"+ "Response_" + fileName+".txt")
                // write request to file

But I havent figured out a way to do this also for the resposes. If i use getProperty("reponse") it's null of course.

Any hint? :)

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and the winner is, I figured it out myself:

map = context.testCase.testSuite.project.interfaces["services"].operations

for (entry in map)
    opName = entry.getKey()
    inputFileRequest = new File("T:\\" + opName + "Request.xml")
    inputFileResponse = new File("T:\\" + opName + "Response.xml")

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This is great , even I am also working on the same. As of now I am taking xml request from a folder but I just want to get the Request from WSDL itself and want to get it's parameter.


    //Hitting the WSDLs one by one
            wsdl ->
  "WSDL To Hit :" + wsdlToHit)

            // Creating an interface
  "Before Interface Creation")
            iface= WsdlInterfaceFactory.importWsdl( project,wsdl, false )[0]
            //iface= WsdlInterfaceFactory.importWsdl( project,WSDLFile, false )[0]
  "After Interface Creation")

                    if(Operation == "xyz")
                    requestXML= requestXML1  
                    responseActual= responseActual1
                    if(Operation == "abc")
                    requestXML= requestXML2 
                    responseActual= responseActual2
                    request1 ->
                    def wsdlReqDir=request1
          "RequestLocation : " + wsdlReqDir)

                    File fl = new File(wsdlReqDir)
                    File[] wsdlDirFiles = fl.listFiles()
          "XML Files in Request Folder : " + wsdlDirFiles)

                      "Request XML file to Send :" + wsdlFile)

                                //Calling the function to hit the service




    //removing Interface created
    removeInterface(wsdl)"Removed iface : "  + wsdl)


Thanks, Hanumant

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