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Is there any way to express the idea of time (as in day or weeks) for a booking or a rental using or/and GoodRelation?

It could be the combination of a product and an offer, as described in this question, but it doesn't really express the idea of the same product being available at different times.

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First, use the new version of (0.99) with the itemtype Make clear that you have a rental offer using the property - businessFunction with as the value.

The validity of the offer is specified using the properties validFrom and validThrough (i.e. the period of time during which one can accept your offer).

For multiple alternative rental periods, create multiple offer entities.

The availability period and the minimum / maximum duration of a stay is specified using

  • eligibleDuration: The duration for which the given offer is valid.
  • availabilityStarts: The beginning of the availability of the rental object.
  • availabilityEnds: The end of the availability of the rental object

The UN/CEFACT unit code for days is DAY, for months it is MON.

The billing increment etc. is modeled using

If you need detailed patterns, please contact me via We built the new e-commerce module for

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