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i am writing a scraper for the following page:


i want to access the subpages of the list, e.g.:




I need only information from the table with the name "Technische Daten" - as you can see in the links of the subpages there is sometimes a second table "Mengenrabatt" on the page

my code for accessing the table:

table = sublinkroot.cssselect("td")

which seems to return the information of the first table of the page...

is there a possibility to acces the information per table header oder the last table of the page (or how to select a specific table of the page)?

Looking forwart to your answers

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Instead of doing

table = sublinkroot.cssselect("td")

which will return you a list of TD elements, you could do

tables = sublinkroot.cssselect('table')
my_table = tables[-1]  # Get the last table on the page


my_table = sublinkroot.cssselect('table')[-1]

I also noted that the table you want is inside a div with an ID like:


This from http://www.conrad.at/ce/de/product/973562/devolo-dLAN-200-AVmini-Starter-Kit/SHOP_AREA_17132&promotionareaSearchDetail=005 so presumably you should be able to parse the product ID out of the URL and use it to build something like ...

product_id = url.split('/')[6]
div = sublinkroot.cssselect('#mc_info_{pid}_technischedaten2'.format(pid=product_id))
the_table = div.cssselect('table')

Hope this helps.

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