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i am currently developing one joomla site which contains virtuemart and my written component which is working quite well, but the problem shows up when i try to search for products using virtuemart search in example when i search for 12/4 name it replaces 12/4 name with 124 name and displays no results.

So the question is where is that sql-query that loads those items so i can modify it? or is there another plug-in or something that works with / or is there somekind of fix to this problem?

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I suspect your using stripslashes somewhere in the result to remove the slashes before html chars. However its removing the extra slashes as well. Try searching for/playing about with that! – George Wilson Nov 21 '12 at 15:58
@GeorgeWilson could you please point me out what's being ron on search? My guess is virtuemart search plugin...... And if yes than its using joomlas intagrated command which uses these methods mysql_real_escape_string and addslashes. I don't know much about joomla and PHP but could that be the problem? – J1and1 Nov 22 '12 at 15:17
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So after a while i finnaly fixed this issue. My fix is not weary good beacose i didn't find where exactly virtuemart component removes slash from search query so i just did like this......

As frontend uses modules who are located at admin/components/com_virtuemart/modules i had to edit module named product. And in the function named sortSearchListQuery2 i added some code

 if ($useCore) {
//      if ( $this->keyword !== "0" and $group ===false) {
            if (!empty($this->keyword) and $this->keyword !== '' and $group === FALSE) {
                $this->setKeyWord($_GET['keyword']);//Added this line!
                        //$keyword = trim(preg_replace('/\s+/', '%', $keyword), '%');
                $keyword = '"%' . $this->_db->getEscaped ($this->keyword, TRUE) . '%"';
                //var_dump($keyword,$this->keyword,$_GET['keyword']); debug_zval_dump($keyword); debug_print_backtrace(); die();

And on frontend view named Category in view.html.php i replaced $keyword=vmRequest::uword('keyword', '', ' ') with $keyword = $_GET['keyword']

And that is my approach to fix this problem!

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