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I have a Ruby script that runs/query a database and enters/deletes information every 30 seconds. I run it from command line using:

ruby worker.rb

I am sshing into the server. When I close the terminal the worker stops running. Is there a way to ensure it keeps running?

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possible duplicate of Make a Ruby program a daemon? – tadman Nov 21 '12 at 15:36

Yes. The simple way is to use nohup and &:

nohup ruby worker.rb &

Will start it, return control to the shell, and let it run on its own independent of the terminal. Another option is to make it a daemon. This code goes after setup code:

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Also it will create nohup.out file where you can log your script results. – Sanjay Salunkhe Jun 23 '15 at 5:18

For best control you would like to use Screen or Tmux

You will be able to start the script as usual(without daemon-ing) and see the output.

You'll can close your SSH session and script(s) will continue running.

Next time you login, you get same environment, just like you never logged out.

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