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I have two SQL Server (one version 2000, one 2008 R2):

 8.00.2039      SP4  Standard Edition     src
10.50.2550.0    SP1  Developer Edition    dst

I want to export just new rows from srcTable to dstTable

The two tables have the same structure


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And how do you determine which rows are new? Do you have an ID (int identity) on both tables? Or a date/time stamp of sorts?? –  marc_s Nov 21 '12 at 16:17
Ah, yes there is a field called "id" (int identity) on both table –  AymenRM Nov 21 '12 at 19:14
So, can't you just export all rows from srcTable that have an id that is bigger than the biggest stored in dstTable? E.g. if your dstTable has rows with id up to 17356 - then just select all rows with id > 17356 from srcTable and there you have your missing rows.... –  marc_s Nov 21 '12 at 19:15

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