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I want to read tiff images in C (windows 64 bit, visual studio 2008). Is there a place where I can get compiled library for libtiff 64bit? The one available at, is compiled for 32 bits and throws link errors when used for 64 bit project.

I am willing to explore other(simple) libraries for reading 16 bit TIFF images in the setup mentioned.

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TIFF isn't a simple format so you're unlikely to find a simple library for it. You should be able to recompile libtiff yourself though. – Mark Ransom Nov 21 '12 at 17:09

I could solve the problem by compiling libtiff using visual studio 2008, download libtiff-4.1 from, open libtiff.vcproj and change the include folders in visual studio 2008(it is incorrect in the setup), and compile for 64 bits, once you have libtiff compiled, it can be used a library with the header files for reading tiff images

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