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I am trying to execute an URL through perl scripting. In that initially I am keeping some value in a text file and setting value in file as an argument.

use warnings;

open my $fh, '<','output_perl.txt' or die "Failed: $!\n";
my $text1 = do {
    local $/;
close $fh or die "Failed again: $!\n";

open my $i, '<','output_perl_1.txt' or die "Failed: $!\n";
my $text2 = do {
    local $/;
close $i or die "Failed again: $!\n";

open my $j, '<','output_perl_2.txt' or die "Failed: $!\n";
my $text3 = do {
    local $/;
close $j or die "Failed again: $!\n";

So when I am try printing the variable $text1, $text2, $text1 the value stored in output_perl.txt, output_perl_1.txt, output_perl_2.txt are getting reflected. That mean if I add below it works fine:

print $text1;
print $text2;
print $text3;

but I am running one URL in which I want want to pass the value of $text1/2/3:

use LWP 5.64;
my $browser = LWP::UserAgent->new;
my $url = 'http://sms.apps.example.com/http/sendPlainText?$text1 $text2 $text3'

The URL is working completely fine but value is not getting passed. When the URL is getting executed we can still see $text1 $text2 $text3, but I sould have see the value what it getting printed by above command.

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Use double quotes to interpolate variables into a string. When you use single quotes, the resulting string is literally what you typed. This goes for variables as well as metacharacters such as \n, \t, etc.

Read more here.

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thans for a lot you checking this, but I have tried ruuninthe url by putting double quote, but the script is now hiting with like "$text1" etc, could you please nevigate where do I need to put the double quote? –  Avisekh Das Nov 22 '12 at 6:31
Read the link I posted; that should make it clear. Put the entire string in double quotes, not just the variable names. –  reo katoa Nov 24 '12 at 4:08

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