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I'm looking for a library/application that would give me a good starting point for an application that will needed to:

  • display a (big) rail/street network on a map (geographically limited to central Europe)
  • rail/street network has its custom graph data structure (no standards we could benefit from)
  • standard interaction with map: zoom/pan
  • interaction with network: remove/add nodes and edges. move nodes.

Implementation preferably in Java. Thats's it ;)

Would love to hear your suggestions on this topic! Thanks very much, Patrick

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Do you bear in mind desktop or web application? –  user1702401 Nov 22 '12 at 11:27

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There is GeoServer which is a full-featured geospatial server based on the GeoTools library. Besides, you could check all the other projects hosted by OSGeo.

As for standards, there are quite a few that you could benefit from, developed by OGC.

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Give uDig a shoot. Open source and in Java.

Fulfils your criteria of display and interaction (I tried with relatively large vector data, not sure about raster performance though).

I cannot really say how it works with network datasets, but with enough programming skills you could probably hack your way with some custom plugins. Here is a starting point.

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