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Can anybody tell me how to reduce/decrease Application-storage and Build-in-memory storage of Blackberry Simulator.

As i need it to test my Blackberry Apps behaviour on low memory. I am using Blackberry simulator 9860

Thanks in Advance

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If you are using the eclipse plugin, you can go to Run configurations -> Simulator tab -> Memory tab and play with the values in heap size field and SDCard size. Never tried so I can't tell if it works.

If you are using the simulator alone, you can change options from command line. Open the simulator directory in a command line shell. There's an application there called fledge.exe. To change heap size, type:

fledge /heap-size={<size in bytes>} 

The default heap value is 94.68 MB.

For more info about what memory settings you can change, type "fledge /help" and click in the "memory" section in the dialog.

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I am not using any IDE. I have installed simulator application standalone. –  Hashili Nov 22 '12 at 2:25
Updated answer. –  Mister Smith Nov 22 '12 at 10:24

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