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I am writing some development management tools in C# and would like to hear from anyone who can recommend a good class library for creating SVN repositories using C# code. At the moment we have the windows based Visual SVN server installed but have to use the GUI to create repositories. I would like to write a C# console app which can do the job so I can create them on the fly from scripts. I have looked at SubversionSharp but it appears to only enable checkouts and commits not repository creation.

Any advice is much appreciated.

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Have a look at the SharpSVN library. This is what is used by AnkhSVN for example. Although I don't know if it allows to create repositories.


After thinking about it, SharpSVN is a subversion client library, which works with an existing repository. To create a repository you will probably have to call "svnadmin.exe" from your code.

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I would call the official commandline SVN tools from C#.

  • Because they are called the same under windows and unix
  • Because they are already written
  • Because that way I don't have to trust any 3rd party tool, just the official ones created by the SVN team.
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