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We have some legacy internationalization for field labels that are stored in the database, so I tried to make a "merged" messageSource. If the code exists in database, return, if not, use PluginAwareResourceBundleMessageSource to look in the i18n.


For some reason the cachedMergedPluginProperties is caching the wrong file for the locale. For example, if I search for en_US, I receive pt_BR messages (the key of the Map is en_US, but the properties are pt_BR).

I declared my messageSource as follows:

messageSource(DatabaseMessageSource) {
  messageBundleMessageSource = { org.codehaus.groovy.grails.context.support.PluginAwareResourceBundleMessageSource m ->
    basenames = "WEB-INF/grails-app/i18n/messages"

The inner bean is beacause of Grails won't let me have two beans of type MessageSource.

Am I declaring PluginAwareResourceBundleMessageSource different from the default of Grails? In which file of Grails I can see this bean declaration?

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I found the declaration inside I18nGrailsPlugin, and it's a bit more detailed then mine:

String baseDir = "grails-app/i18n"
String version = GrailsUtil.getGrailsVersion()
String watchedResources = "file:./${baseDir}/**/*.properties".toString()
 Set baseNames = []

        def messageResources
        if (application.warDeployed) {
            messageResources = parentCtx?.getResources("**/WEB-INF/${baseDir}/**/*.properties")?.toList()
        else {
            messageResources = plugin.watchedResources

        if (messageResources) {
            for (resource in messageResources) {
                // Extract the file path of the file's parent directory
                // that comes after "grails-app/i18n".
                String path
                if (resource instanceof ContextResource) {
                    path = StringUtils.substringAfter(resource.pathWithinContext, baseDir)
                else {
                    path = StringUtils.substringAfter(resource.path, baseDir)

                // look for an underscore in the file name (not the full path)
                String fileName = resource.filename
                int firstUnderscore = fileName.indexOf('_')

                if (firstUnderscore > 0) {
                    // grab everyting up to but not including
                    // the first underscore in the file name
                    int numberOfCharsToRemove = fileName.length() - firstUnderscore
                    int lastCharacterToRetain = -1 * (numberOfCharsToRemove + 1)
                    path = path[0..lastCharacterToRetain]
                else {
                    // Lop off the extension - the "basenames" property in the
                    // message source cannot have entries with an extension.
                    path -= ".properties"
                baseNames << "WEB-INF/" + baseDir + path

        LOG.debug "Creating messageSource with basenames: $baseNames"

        messageSource(PluginAwareResourceBundleMessageSource) {
            basenames = baseNames.toArray()
            fallbackToSystemLocale = false
            pluginManager = manager
            if (Environment.current.isReloadEnabled() || GrailsConfigUtils.isConfigTrue(application, GroovyPagesTemplateEngine.CONFIG_PROPERTY_GSP_ENABLE_RELOAD)) {
                def cacheSecondsSetting = application?.flatConfig?.get('grails.i18n.cache.seconds')
                if (cacheSecondsSetting != null) {
                    cacheSeconds = cacheSecondsSetting as Integer
                } else {
                    cacheSeconds = 5

Since Grails don't let you have two beans of type MessageSource I had to copy this code and adapt to mine "merged" messageSource.

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