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I try to trouble shoot install as it fails recently. I have the following part in my install log file, but do not know how to read/interpret it. Can anyone point the doc or resources? thanks a lot!

MSI (s) (78:A8) [21:14:26:012]: Doing action: viewer.exe
Action start 21:14:26: viewer.exe.
MSI (s) (78:A8) [21:14:26:012]: Note: 1: 2262 2: CustomAction 3: -2147287038 
MSI (s) (78:A8) [21:14:26:022]: Transforming table CustomAction.

MSI (s) (78:A8) [21:14:26:022]: Note: 1: 2262 2: Binary 3: -2147287038 
MSI (s) (78:A8) [21:14:26:022]: Transforming table Binary.

Action ended 21:14:56: viewer.exe. Return value 1.

Edit I found one link which is to tell how to interpret msi log

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Refer to the Windows SDK, wilogutl.exe will help. Along with the rest of the documentation :)

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