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I know this is not a new issue on stackoverflow but i havn't found any answer that able to solve this issue for me. So Please help me to solve my issue.

I can see the pushed files in my site directory. however when i try to browse the domain it shows me 500 internal server error. Can you help me?

I Did this so far on server in public_html folder:

mkdir test.git

cd !$

git init --bare --shared

chgrp -R developers .

chmod -R g+swX .

vi hooks/post-receive

.....Added on vi editor........

GIT_WORK_TREE = /home/public_html/my2 git checkout -f

chmod +x hooks/post-receive

Then on server in public_html i created another directory as work tree mkdir my2

cd my2

chgrp -R developers .

So far all good

On my local machine i can do the push easily to test.git and the work tree (the my2 folder ) showing me the files too.

The only issue is that when i try to browse my2 on browser i.e. example.com/my2

It is giving me 500 internal server error.

I understand this is the permission isssue. but how to solve it i don't know.

I already see that the user and group change under my2 directory when i do push. i.e. if i push index.php to test.git

the file permissions change to

-rw-r--r-- 1 bharat bharat 72 Nov 21 10:01 index.php

where bharat is the username who do push to test.git

Please help Thanks

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This is not necessarily a permissions issue. The server could be misconfigured. What do your server's error logs say is the cause? –  Rob Nov 21 '12 at 18:15
There is no error coming for this in error logs. BTW i think its correct that its checkout to work tree as user "bharat" thats why its show "bharat" as user and group. but this way its showing 500 internel server error. –  user1842679 Nov 22 '12 at 6:22

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