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How to get username or UserDetail object in logout-success-url? Below is my configuration,

<form-login default-target-url="/security/loginSuccess.action" 

<logout invalidate-session="true" logout-success-url="/security/logoutUser.action" />


I want to get the username who has requested for logout within logout-success-url (for me it is a Struts 2 action method). I have checked SecurityContextHolder, but it seems that SecurityContextHolder is cleared when the control reaches my action method in logout-success-url.

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Use custom LogoutSuccessHandler for that. Inside your configuration define bean and use success-handler-ref attribute of <logout> tag.

<logout success-handler-ref="customLogoutSuccessHandler" />
<beans:bean id="customLogoutSuccessHandler" class="..." />

And inside CustomLogoutSuccessHandler there is onLogoutSuccess method which has Authentication argument.

public class CustomLogoutSuccessHandler extends
    AbstractAuthenticationTargetUrlRequestHandler implements
    LogoutSuccessHandler {

    public void onLogoutSuccess(HttpServletRequest request,
        HttpServletResponse response, Authentication authentication)
        throws IOException, ServletException {
         // use authentication to get user name
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why not go the full monty and add String username = authentication.getName(); to the onLogoutSuccess method body? – Eliran Malka Nov 22 '12 at 10:49
Thanks for your answer. But as I have given logout-success-url, I can not mention success-handler-ref. If I provide success-handler-ref, then how can I redirect the user to my custom page after logout..because onLogoutSuccess method returns void? Secondly, do you mean that Authentication object is available in LogoutSuccessHandler but it will not available to the logout-success-url (though it is a action method and I am trying to access it with SecurityContextHolder) ? – Abhishek Chatterjee Nov 22 '12 at 17:43
For your first problem: that why CustomLogoutSuccessHandler extends AbstractAuthenticationTargetUrlRequestHandler, see source code of it. For the second: just try and see for yourself. – Aleksandr M Nov 22 '12 at 19:24

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