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I am using datatables with tabletools on a large table which is filled via ajax request.

When user selects several rows, it shows them as selected in the table.

How can i tell the csv/xls export to ONLY export the selected rows?

Thanks in advance

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Stupid me...

Just got it:

                "sExtends": "csv",
                "bSelectedOnly": true
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If for somebody like me bSelectedOnly is not working (e.g always all rows are copied when only certain selected), before you burn into cry, just check if your run 2.2.3 version of dataTables.tableTools.js becuase there was bug corrected in this release:

Fix #48: `bSelectedOnly` option was not working in 1.10.
* Fix is to use the new `fnGetSelectedIndexes` which gives the
  information required for `bSelectedOnly` when needed.
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