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This question is no longer just about UI

Being rather new to the whole JavaScript/JQuery/JQueryUI lark, I have just discovered the Yahoo User Interface Library. I'm sure there are other free and fully functional JavaScript libraries out on the web that I should be aware of.

Around UI design, or really, anything.

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Check this question: - Your choice of cross-browser javascript GUI – CMS Aug 28 '09 at 23:30

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For UI, you may want to look at the following:

  1. MochaUI - built on top of the mootools library (DEMO)
  2. SproutCore - new one that i recently came across, also used in Apple's mobile me website.
  3. EXTJS - Features a rich set of tools as well. Easy to use and skinnable. (Demos/sample)
  4. Prototype UI - Based on Prototype and
  5. Dojo JS Toolkit Powerful, compact (26kb) and skinnable too :) (Demos)
  6. LivePipe - also based on prototype, has a some nice UI widgets.

If you're into webapps for iphone (do people still build these?), checkout iUI:

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Mochaui looks very cool! i think i will play around with this for a while! You wouldn't happen to know a JQuery equivalent of it? (as i'm used to JQuery!) :) – Shadi Almosri Aug 28 '09 at 23:44
Nope - im only aware of jQueryUI :( – mozami Aug 28 '09 at 23:51

I'd say prototype and mootools mainly.

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I know of these, but have only limited experience using them.

  • Google Diff-Match-Patch - analyzes differences between text, generates and applies patches.

  • Slow AES - AES implementation in Javascript.
    In my tests there's good compat between this implementation and other, commercial libraries like .NET System.Security.Cryptography.AesManaged. SlowAES doesn't include all the modes, but the ones that are there, work well. It's not really that slow. See also the question Getting .NET and SlowAES to work together.

  • PBKDF2 - RFC2898 password-based key derivation. A key derivation function is essential for doing encryption using passwords. This is an implementation that conforms to the RFC2898 (PKCS #5) standard.

  • Sprintf - C-like string formatting.

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You can try PURE
It is a very fast JS templating tool that keeps the HTML totally clean from any coding.

It works with dojo, domAssistant, jQuery, mootools, prototype, sizzle, sly and in standalone for modern browsers or mobiles.

Here is the project page is and here are some examples

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Since you Know jQuery and jQueryUI, I'll make the following recommendations:

  • RequireJS A module loader for javascript, it allows you to break your code up into independent modules. While developing, it will load them asynchronously for you, and when you go to production, there's a build tool that will combine and minify them. This is essential if you're building a web app, and not just dropping some eye candy on a page.

  • my.class Everybody has a class builder for javascript as part of their framework. I like this one the best so far, because it offers just syntactic sugar, without adding wrappers.

  • MicroJs A lovely list of small javascript libraries.

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