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I have a field with multiple words in it. I want to separate the words onto different lines rather than have them separated by spaces.

So for example “Not Great”, I want to put “Not” on 1st line and “Great” on 2nd line, like so:


There could be words with “/” character in between i.e. “Great / Good” where I want to put everything after 1st word in 2nd line and everything after “/” in 3rd line i.e.


Basically, whenever there is space, I want split that string into multiple lines. How do I do that in SSRS?

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Could you edit and improve the question? A spell check, some more formatting to make the examples readable (it's a bit of a "wall of text" at the moment), and most importantly some info on what you've tried so far would be great! – Jeroen Nov 21 '12 at 18:37
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Ok, you want the string broken up into different lines. Do you mean on separate lines within the same tablix cell?

Thats straightfoward see

If you mean to split the string so the words are on different Tablix cells one approach would be to use a sub report on a list.

Set the list data set to the original data set containing the multiple word string, pass the string to the sub report as a parameter. On the sub report pass the parameter to a data set that splits the string into individual lines. Losts of suggestions for how to do that here Turning a Comma Separated string into individual rows

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Simply replace the space with a carriage return and line feed:

=Replace(Fields!SomeWords.Value, " ", vbCrLf)
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=Fields!SomeFields.Value.Replace(Space(1), vbCrLf)

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