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I have a text file that looks like this

other stuff
set fmri(custom11) "/home/this/is/a/sample_path/to_some/arbitarily/named_11/file-with-othercharacters/file.txt"
other stuff

I want to use Python to search that file for

  • all lines with ".txt"
  • replace "11" with "12" on the the ".txt" lines, but only in the file path, not in the "custom11" string.
  • I left out the looping logic, just to focus on the use of and re.sub.
if'.txt', line):
   print(re.sub("11", "12", line), end='')

Somehow, the .txt is not found with the If I use:

if'xt', line): 

I get most of the lines containing text files, but also other stuff. How do I properly find the '.txt' file lines?

Also, when testing, the re.sub replaces 11 with 12, but also causes "custom11" to change into "custom12". Is there a way to change a substring in the line?

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In regular expression, a . signifies any single character. Use \..

if'\.txt', line):
   print(re.sub("11", "12", line), end='')
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Thanx! What about the second part - is it possible to replace 11 to 12 only for a substring, using re.sub? – user1838663 Nov 21 '12 at 21:30

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