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so, I am going crazy right now about such a simple problem: Once I select a "typeahead" it should redirect immediately to the belonging page.

Unfortunately, jsfiddle doesn't show the dropdown for some reason, so I uploaded it to a radom webspace.

And this is the code:

<input id="id" autocomplete="off" name="name" type="text" data-provide="typeahead" data-items="4" data-source='["test", "test2", "test3"]'>
$('#id').on('change', function(){
    var items = "'test', 'test2', 'test3'";
    var matchString = "'"+$(this).val()+"'";
    if (items.toLowerCase().indexOf(matchString.toLowerCase()) != -1){
    else {
        alert('Not Matched');

Is there any solutuion which is easier than this and works better?

Thank you, Chris

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You can write redirect request in the updater function provided by the typeahead , Give it a shot , its definitely better than this but not so easier .

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