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I want to set the application´s icon that should be seen on the Dock of a Mac. To do so, I added to the .pro file the following line:

ICON = $$_PRO_FILE_PWD_/Icons/Icon144x144.icns

(I also tried ICON = Icons/Icon144x144.icns)

If I understood QT´s documentation right, that should be enough but since my icon still can not be seen, I also added the following line to the mainwindow.cpp


(I also tried with QIcon("Icon144x144.icns") and QIcon("/Users/MYNAME/PROJECT/Icons/Icon144x144.icns")).

I know that there are two similar questions about this issue: QT/C++ on MAC - Application Icon doesn't set and Setting icon on a Mac with Qt but since I´m still not able to see the right icon, I´m thinking if there is something different in the way that QT5 allows setting the app icon from previous versions. Any clue?


I just saw that qmake is not adding the icon to the Resources folder inside the app...

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First of all check if the path is right (especially if you're doing a shadow build), more often than not qmake can't find the proper icon file.

However i was stumbling on a similar issue:

What has been happening to me was that the app bundle was not being updated (resource-wise) so you have to delete the yourprogram.app directory and let qmake re-create it, this way the icon is updated correctly.

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For what is worth, I have done exactly the same stuff as you with QT5 and it works.

Basically in my .pro file I have:

ICON = icon.icns

Moreover, I had to specify icon location in my app.plist file. Basically you have to set the CFBundleIconFile key to name of your icon. Hope it helps!

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