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I've got following dictionary:

random_dict={'list1': ['b', 'a', 'c'], 'list2': ['f', 'a', 'e'], 'list3': ['c', 'b', 'a']}

how do you sort the lists alphabetically in random_dict to get this:

#after sorting
sorted_dict={'list1': ['a', 'b', 'c'], 'list2': ['a', 'e', 'f'], 'list3': ['a', 'b', 'c']}
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Just call .sort() on each value:

for val in random_dict.values():

This changes random_dict in-place. If you need a copy, use a dict comprehension instead:

sorted_dict = {k: sorted(v) for k, v in random_dict.iteritems()}

On python 3, replace .iteritems() with .items().

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python 3.2

r={'list1': ['b', 'a', 'c'], 'list2': ['f', 'a', 'e'], 'list3': ['c', 'b', 'a']}

for i,v in r.items(): r[i]=sorted(v)
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