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I have an for statement which prompts the user to input 5. numbers. Like this:

"Input 1. number:

input 2. number:


I want to repeat the last prompt the user gets before he makes a wrong input (number too big). But my program skips the wrong one:

like this

"Input 1. number:

input 2. number:
Wrong! Retry
(here I use *continue* for the loop)

input 3.number:


What should I do to re-ask the second question?

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Can you post your current code? –  BoppreH Nov 21 '12 at 18:11

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By using continue you are probably continuing ahead to the next input number. Try something like this:

number_of_inputs = 10
max_input = 99
for i in range(number_of_inputs):
    answer = 0
    while not answer or answer > max_input:
             answer = int(raw_input('Input {}. number: '.format(i)))
    print 'The user selected', answer, 'for input', i
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