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I am attempting to start a new cakePHP project under my ~/Sites/cakeapps/cakephp

folder structure. I was able to using the cake bake command create a new project and it placed the project inside my /cakephp directory. My project file structure now looks like this.


i have followed the tutorial and i have my database.php file configured, core.php configured and created a custom controller <IjazaController> that extends the AppController. This file

class IjazaController extends AppController {

    function beforeFilter(){

    public  function  index(){


has a corresponding index.ctp file under /View/Ijaza/index.ctp. When i try to browse to this url http://localhost/cakephp/ijaza/ i end up with an error:

Error: CakephpController could not be found.

Error: Create the class CakephpController below in file: cakephp/Controller/CakephpController.php

class CakephpController extends AppController {


I am not sure why my url routing does not find the index.ctp file, i am using a mac with XAMPP

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You mixed something up: The folder cakephp is not required.

Rearrange your folders into this structure, where yourproject is the name of your project (or copy of the app folder...):

~/Sites/cakephp/ --> The cakephp library
~/Sites/cakephp/yourproject/ --> Your application code 



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After putting the /cakephp in the same directory level as /cakeapps. my localhost can no longer find the index root. it keeps looking in /Sites/cakeapps. how do i change that so localhost looks for /cakephp/ and the folder structure you have suggested –  Warz Nov 21 '12 at 18:31
You have to point your apache configuration to the ~/Sites/cakephp/ folder, then you can access it via localhost/yourproject/ijaza –  powtac Nov 21 '12 at 19:25
I have got this file structure set up and xammp is able to read it. i am now having a fatal error CakePHP core could not be found. I will ask this as a separate question. thanks for your help on the proper folder structure –  Warz Nov 21 '12 at 19:34

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