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It's pretty simple to extract SURF descriptors using cv2 and Python. You just need to initialize the descriptor and apply it, using something along the lines of:

extractor = cv2.DescriptorExtractor_create("SURF")

But what about the OpponentColorDescriptorExtractor as mentioned here, towards the bottom of the page?

I have seen C++ code to create an Opponent Color extractor via this blog post, but I cannot find any Python bindings to go with it.

Does anyone know how to create an Opponent Color descriptor extractor using Python bindings?

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I should have read the docs a little better. All you need to do is prepend opponent to the descriptor:

>>> d = cv2.DescriptorExtractor_create("SURF") # normal SURF descriptor
>>> d = cv2.DescriptorExtractor_create("OpponentSURF") # SURF descriptor applied to each channel in the opponent color space and concatenated together
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