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I use the code below to change background-image of a div from the input field's value which works fine:

    $(".Image").css("background-image", "url("+$(this).val()+")");

<div class="wrap">
        <input class="ImageUrl"/>
        <div class="Image"></div>

Not suprisingly, when a duplicate .wrap div is added & an url is typed, it changes both divs' backgrounds as in this example:


What i want is that each "wrap" works as if there is only one "wrap".

Thanks in advance!

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Just select the sibling .Image

    $(this).siblings(".Image").css("background-image", "url("+$(this).val()+")");


The above assumes that when you say, "Not suprisingly, when a duplicate div is added" you mean a duplicate .wrap div.


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Use an unique ID instead of a class name for your selector, or change your selector to select only the first element:

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