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I am using kohana 3.2 and kohana-error module is working fine, when the page does not exist. But I have this situation: the page exist, but no data is coming, because the data does not exist. I am using the route param to check de database.

So I did this,

if($response )
       return $response; 
    } else {
       throw new HTTP_Exception_404('Page Not Found');

If there are data return, if not, create a ‘Page Not Found’ and I supose it will be caught by the kohana-error module but it is not.... Is that possible? Is this the right approach?

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Hmm.. maybe you have to set Kohana::$environment to Production? –  Aculeo Nov 23 '12 at 8:38

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In your index.php, you do the following:

$request = Request::factory();

  $response = $request->execute();

  if (!$response->body())
    throw new HTTP_Exception_404();
catch (Exception $exc)
   if ($exc instanceof HTTP_Exception_404)
      $response = Request::factory('your/404error/controller')->execute();
      // rethrow exception
      throw $exc;


That way, you can execute a controller for each HTTP exception, or you can use a catch all 404 page for all exceptions (50x and 40x errors)

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