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I know I had this working somehow yesterday but end of the day I mistakenly closed the changes without saving. Today I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I have a loop with InputBox and only want to accept 2 potential answers, in this case apple or orange should exit the loop.

    myValue = InputBox("Enter something")
    Loop While Not myValue = "apple" Or myValue = "orange"

The above will only exit the loop if the first value is entered but not the second. If I add a "Not" for the second value as well like the following, then it doesnt exit the loop regardless of what I type.

    myValue = InputBox("Enter something")
    Loop While Not myValue = "apple" Or Not myValue = "orange"

I know this is has to be something obvious but I think I've looked at this same code too long to see it. Thanks for any assistance.

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You probably want an and...

myValue = InputBox("Enter something")
Loop While Not myValue = "apple" And Not myValue = "orange"

Not ands and Not ors are confusing, but if you work it through, you'll figure it out. Example input: apple

NOT "apple" = "apple" is FALSE, and NOT "apple" = "orange" is TRUE. If you use an OR, TRUE or FALSE evaluates to TRUE. Therefore the loop continues. But if you use an AND, the whole statement evaluates to FALSE, which allows an exit.

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Thank you! I knew it was something obvious I was doing wrong. Appreciate the quick response. –  doby48 Nov 21 '12 at 19:07
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Why not translate English into VBScript:

I want to ask the user until the input is "apple" or "orange"


  Dim sInp
     sInp = InputBox("Enter something")
     WScript.Echo "+", sInp
  Loop Until sInp = "apple" Or sInp = "orange"
  WScript.Echo sInp

sample output:

+ banana
+ apple

+ pear
+ orange
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