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I tried adding a class to my GAE project, to implement the ServletContextListener, however when I add a new class and try to pick from the superclass browser, it doesn't list ServletContextListener as a choice.

I installed Eclipse Juno (Mac 64 Bit), added the GAE plugin, created a GAE project and then added JAX-RS and JAXB jar files manually.

I suspect I may need to add a project facet, such as 'Dynamic Web Module', but whenever I try to do that I get Eclipse errors (null pointer and/or empty user libraries to pick from; I wasn't sure whether I'm meant to create the library but I expected these to be populated after adding JPA / JAXRS facets?).

Have you any pointers on

1) What steps are required to setup Eclipse properly for GAE and JAX-RS / JAXB 2) In addition pulling in Servlet interfaces such as ServletContextListener. 3) Whether earlier versions of Eclipse may solve the Dynamic Web Module problem

Many thanks! Rob.

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Because ServletContextListener is an interface, and should be picked from the "Interfaces to Add" button.

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