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I have a situation where someone gets a code (like a license code string). They then need to enter that in a Windows program.

I'd like to avoid that second step by maybe having the browser store it someplace that a Windows program would have access to.


I'm using .ASPX on the server side. On the client side, I can use .js in the browser and I'm using VB6 and the Wise Installer (could "retrieve" the bit of text using either). I want to support all major browsers (although this solution doesn't need to work for 100%of cases: if we can get the code entered for the customer in 80% of cases, that's a huge improvement.

Any ideas?

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framework? limitations? Not much to go on since there are a number of ways to accomplish this based on what you can and can not do. –  Pow-Ian Nov 21 '12 at 19:12

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You could store the data in the Windows clipboard; although it's tricky to put things on the clipboard from a web page, it is still possible (often with a Flash helper).

Another approach is to embed a web browser control inside your app, where your app has full control over the user interactions. The app can then intercept the relevant data as it comes back from the server.

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