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I want to extract part of html string which format is given as below. This html string is returned by var contents = $("#content").html()

blah1 blah1
<p> blah2 blah2 </p>

Then I use

start = contents.indexOf("<p>");
end = contents.indexOf("</p>");

to get the start and end positions. So I can use contents.slice(start, end) to extract the string I want.

But in IE browser the <p> tag is capital <P> and in Chrome and Firefox, they user <p>

How can I include both cases so that my JavaScript function can work in all browsers? Thanks

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don't use string operations when you're already using jquery... $('#content p').text() will retrieve everything inside the P for you. –  Marc B Nov 21 '12 at 19:18

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You can use:

$('#content p').text();
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Why not just grab the innerHTML of the p tag in question?


var contents = $("#content > p").html();

or even, just the plain text:

var contents = $("#content > p").text();
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