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I have about 500 sentences in which I would like to compile a set of ngrams. I am having trouble removing the stop words. I tried adding the lucene StandardFilter and StopFilter but I still have the same problem. Here is my code:

for(String curS: Sentences)
          reader = new StringReader(curS);
          tokenizer = new StandardTokenizer(Version.LUCENE_36, reader);
          tokenizer = new StandardFilter(Version.LUCENE_36, tokenizer);
          tokenizer = new StopFilter(Version.LUCENE_36, tokenizer, stopWords);
          tokenizer = new ShingleFilter(tokenizer, 2, 3);
          charTermAttribute = tokenizer.addAttribute(CharTermAttribute.class);

        curNGram = charTermAttribute.toString().toString();
        nGrams.add(curNGram);                   //store each token into an ArrayList

For example, the first phrase I am testing is: "For every person that listens to". In this example curNGram is set to "For" which is a stop word in my list stopWords. Also, in this example "every" is a stop word and so "person" should be the first ngram.

  1. Why are stop words being added to my list when I am using the StopFiler?

All help is appreciated!

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How is stopWords being created? Do you create it using StopFilter.makeStopSet? –  femtoRgon Nov 21 '12 at 20:49
I read in a txt file line by line using a static function. –  CodeKingPlusPlus Nov 21 '12 at 21:31

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What you've posted looks okay to me, so I suspect that stopWords isn't providing the information you want to the filter.

Try something like:

//Let's say we read the stop words into an array list (A simple array, or any list implementation should be fine)
List<String> words = new ArrayList();
//Read the file into words.
Set stopWords = StopFilter.makeStopSet(Version.LUCENE_36, words, true);

Assuming the list you of stopwords you generated (the one I've named 'words') looks like you think it does, this should put them into a format usable to the StopFilter.

Were you already generating stopWords like that?

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This appears to be working however for some of my output I am getting the same words except one will have an extra underscore or two. For example I will get USA, USA_, USA__ all as distinct values. –  CodeKingPlusPlus Nov 21 '12 at 23:43
That is intended behavior of ShingleFilter, from the API: "This filter handles position increments > 1 by inserting filler tokens (tokens with termtext "_"). It does not handle a position increment of 0." This is due to words being removed by the stop filter, ShingleFilter maintains their position in that way. –  femtoRgon Nov 22 '12 at 0:14
If you wish, I believe you could disable that with stopfilter.setEnablePositionIncrements(false) –  femtoRgon Nov 22 '12 at 0:15

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