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I am a newbie to Facebook development (only halfway through the Dummies guide) but am an experienced programmer so not expecting too many hassles - but from past FB experience have notice that processes change almost daily - lol

What I've done is build a system where clients can make web promotions (all conveniently sized to 810 pixels wide). I am about to build a "view" page and have a few questions for a pro. In an ideal world ...

1: The client would build their website 2: The client would authorize a single FB app to have permission to write to their page 3: If they scheduled a promotion with the system the app would create a new tab (including preview pic) 4: The tab would connect to a single iframe on our server and carry the vars for company, tab id and page number which the system would then render

Is any of that possible? And how would I manage companies having multiple promotions and therefore needing multiple tabs? Worst case scenario is I send them to a page giving instructions on how to add a new tab manually and provide a custom url for them but I'd like to make things as simple as possible. Or have I bitten off more than I can chew? lol

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One Facebook App can only have one single Tab (= Page App), an app cannot create tabs. Of course you can implement a website builder for the client, that "backend" can just be on your own server, or you implement it in a canvas page (for example). After all you are free to do (almost) whatever you want in the iframe.

So, if a client adds your app to his page, you have to read the "signed_request" object in the page tab, it contains the like status of the user, if the user is admin of the actual page, the page id and some other things.

With that page id you can get choose what to present to the user. So, one way is the following:

  • backend on your server, with facebook login. you present a list of pages the user is admin of and he can choose.
  • data will get stored in a database, with the page id.
  • user adds your app to his page, the app reads the page id (signed_request) and loads the correct data from the database.

...but seriously, i would start with something a lot easier if you are a newbie with facebook apps ;)

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Thanks luschn - will follow your suggestions. Love the way you say "almost" - makes me worry alot - rflol – Andy Nov 21 '12 at 21:18
I read somewhere that you can simply provide the client with a URL that links to your app and can contain vars. If I detail for them how to make a tab then I could just give them the url to the correct promotion and page? (…) – Andy Nov 21 '12 at 22:10
well, there are restrictions :) - for example, you cannot just pass get parameters to a page app, only with an "app_data" variable. and there are also a lot of facebook terms and conditions to consider. it´s good to read that before you start with apps, so you know what´s allowed. also, don´t forget to accept my answer here if it helped you :) – luschn Nov 21 '12 at 22:12
ah, i guess my last comment answers your question a bit :) the url you posted is what you can give away to the client for adding the app to their page, but there are also other ways. Look here: – luschn Nov 21 '12 at 22:14
thanks for your help bud :-) – Andy Nov 21 '12 at 22:27

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