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Is there anyway to create a flexible recurring payment profile on Paypal?

Something like this:

On the first month, there's no charge for the user. From the second to the fifth month, there's a charge of $5.9. From the sixth to the seventh month, there's a charge of $7.9. From the ninth month and so on, there's a charge of $9.9.


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According to the documentation, you can have two "trial" periods before you apply the "regular" period:

Subscriptions and Recurring Payments Variables

Subscriptions Introduction

So, you could have the initial free trial period ("period1"), then a trial period for $5.9 ("period2") and then the regular period ("period3"). Per the documentation, I think you will have to organize your payments like this. In other words, there is a limit on the number of trial periods you can have.

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