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I am working on an IIS server for the first time and I need to create a rewrite rule that will redirect this url




This is what I have, but it is obvious that I don't know anything about IIS rewrite rules or regular expressions. So any help would be really appreciated.

EDIT: I need to makse sure that the last two parameters are variables... NjIxYWVmaXVzcjgmKl5CcWVnYQ== and 98x98 wil vary depending on the persons profile.

<rule name="Redirect /profile/image to profileimage.php" patternSyntax="Wildcard" stopProcessing="true">
<match url="(^/profile/image/$)" />
<add input="{HTTP_HOST}" pattern="^/profile/image/$" />
<action type="Redirect" url="http://srattch.com/profileimage.pgp/?id={R:0}&size={R:1}" />
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This should do the trick:

<rule name="Help" stopProcessing="true">
    <match url="^profile/image/(.+)/(.+)" />
    <action type="Redirect" url="/profileimage.php?id={R:1}&size={R:2}" />

Edit: Supplied the dynamic rewrite.

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Thanks for the help Ek0nomik. What I forgot to mention obviously is that the last two parameters are variable... NjIxYWVmaXVzcjgmKl5CcWVnYQ== 98x98 So I need to make sure they aren't hardcoded into the rule... Any thoughts? Thanks again for the help –  Colin Burns Nov 21 '12 at 21:41
@ColinBurns - I just updated my answer. The regular expression here is very forgiving, so if you need to be more strict on what you match you may want to change that. –  Justin Helgerson Nov 21 '12 at 22:31

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