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I need a suggestion on how to make a web application that will be dedicated to mobile viewers and will have page transitions like a native application (something like slide on navigation)

I have 2 ideas on how to doing so and i would appreciate id you can recommend which is the best practice for this matter:

  1. on navigation (link click/finger slide) use ajax load to load content to an adjacent div and slide it once ready (how is it possible to bind an event to finger slide with j query ?)

  2. using this plugin dpUniSlider

which will be the best way to go ?


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Have a look at jQuery Mobile - jquerymobile.com –  Jay Blanchard Nov 21 '12 at 21:29

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Have you looked into jQuery Mobile?

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I suggest you use Single Page Applications. I do everything that way now, they are much faster and allow you to provide fast and fluid page/view transitions. My model loads all the markup in the initial load and only retrieves the data as needed on the fly and merges it with HTML templates as it injects it into the DOM. I also leverage localCache to store my templates/html as well as JSON data after a successful AJAX call so I can increase the application's performance.

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