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I can find plenty of information about using Twig with Symfony, but not much about using Twig WITHOUT Symfony.

What I want to Do

What I'm looking to do is include a template within a template. I have a base.twig template that I want to include a header template in. Easy enough, right?

{% include "header.twig" %}

The Problem

I'm now running into an issue because the header template has a lot of logic in it. I don't want to have to pass values to my header template from the controller of each page. That's just messy and would eliminate many of the benefits of using Twig.

The Question

Is there a way to include a separate controller for the header from within the base.twig template? Any recommendations for making this a cleaner setup (without switching to Symfony--that's not an option for me at this point)?

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What I would try to do:

  1. Remove as much logic as possible form a template.
    • Business logick does not belong in template.
  2. Use set to preset defaults for variables.
  3. Create helper function/view helper to build header.
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