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I have a JSON data from an api that looks like this:

 var self = this;
    var init = {
    "topLevel": {
        "secondLevel": [
                "Cost": 1,
                "AllocatePct": .9,
                "thirdLevel: [ {Cost:1,Name:"A1"},{Cost:2,Name:"A2"},{Cost:9,Name:"A3"} ]
                "Cost": 2,
                "AllocatePct": .1,"thirdLevel: [ {Cost:11,Name:"B1"},{Cost:4,Name:"B2"},{Cost:9,Name:"B3"} ]
        "total": 3

My HTML looks like :

<div data-bind="foreach:topLevel.secondLevel">
    <div data-bind="foreach:thirdLevel">
        <input type="text" data-bind="value: Cost">
<div data-bind="??????">
     <!--have the correct number of textboxes and store the totals-->

SecondLevel and thirdLevel have dynamic number of data. I want to compute the totals. For example: total for A1+B1. Another textbox for total for A2+A2. Also have buttons that will dynamically delete a row (ie. A1 and B2) and also add new rows on the fly. Hope this makes sense. Thank you! Happy Thanksgiving!

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a computed observable is what you need:


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