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I want many this kind of changes

"\includegraphics{all.png}" --> "\includegraphics[width=\linewidth]{all.png}"

without Sed but Vim. When I do it, I always replace the buffer by accident with something like space so wasting a lot of keys. How can I do it fast?

Smallest amount of keys wins!

Start inside Vim: getting the matches to buffers

:grep -r "includegraphics" Sections/*

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A flexible way of performing some actions in a group of files using Vim is to collect the list of their names into the argument list (see :help arglist), and then iterate through it executing the desired command.

In order to do the first step, use commands :args, :argadd, and :argdelete. For instance, to set the argument list to the names of all files that have the .tex extension in the current directory and its subdirectories, issue

:args ./**/*.tex

To perform the second step, use the :argdo command:

:argdo %s/\\includegraphics\zs\ze{all.png}/[width=\\linewidth]/g
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Replace in all buffers

:bufdo %s/\\includegraphics\{all\.png\}/\includegraphics[width=\linewidth]{all.png}/ge

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Why are you escaping {? It is not perl, { has no special meaning by default (not in very-magic mode, :h /\v), but \{ does. – ZyX Nov 22 '12 at 4:48

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