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Have no idea what's going on.

Taking objects from $.ajax success msg, storing them in new array to pass to plugin, plugin uses the data yet reports cannot use property 'ID' in my title above.

Stops at end of for loop and points to first line of for loop in console. It clones with the data and everything. Nothing after the for works.

Snippet in $.ajax()

var suppliers = [];
for(var i=0; i<5; i++){
    suppliers[i] = msg.d[i];

Where it fails

$.fn.appendSnapshots = function(snapshots) {
var accumulatedHeight = $("#suppliersTable").height();
var IDsShowing = new Array();

for (var i=0; i<snapshots.length; i++){

    if($("#supplierStatusDataRow\\." + snapshots[i].ID).length == 0){

        var $supplierStatusDataRow = $("#supplierStatusDataRow").clone(false)
        $supplierStatusDataRow.css('z-index', 1);
        $supplierStatusDataRow.find("*[id]").andSelf().each(function() { $(this).attr("id", $(this).attr("id") + "." + snapshots[i].ID); });


        $("#statusSupplierName\\." + snapshots[i].ID).append(snapshots[i].SupplierName);
        $("#statusSupplierNumber\\." + snapshots[i].ID).append(snapshots[i].SupplierNumber);
        $("#statusHostNumber\\." + snapshots[i].ID).append(snapshots[i].HostNumber);
        $("#statusSupplierType\\." + snapshots[i].ID).append(snapshots[i].SupplierType);
        $("#statusRecievedReportStatus\\." + snapshots[i].ID).append(snapshots[i].RecievedReportStatus);
        $("#statusBarCode\\." + snapshots[i].ID).append(snapshots[i].BarCode);
        $("#statusNumberOfUsers\\." + snapshots[i].ID).append(snapshots[i].NumberOfUsers);
        $("#statusOnBoardStatus\\." + snapshots[i].ID).append(snapshots[i].OnBoardStatus);
        $("#statusSupplierEmail\\." + snapshots[i].ID).append(snapshots[i].SupplierEmail);
        $("#statusPrimaryBuyer\\." + snapshots[i].ID).append(snapshots[i].PrimaryBuyer);
        $("#statusLastPODate\\." + snapshots[i].ID).append(snapshots[i].LastPODate);
        $("#statusPOMTD\\." + snapshots[i].ID).append(snapshots[i].POMTD);
        $("#statusPOYTD\\." + snapshots[i].ID).append(snapshots[i].POYTD);

        $supplierStatusDataRow.css('top', accumulatedHeight);

        $supplierStatusDataRow.animate({opacity: 1}, 500);

            $("#supplierStatusDataRow\\." + snapshots[i].ID).animate({top: accumulatedHeight}, 500);

        accumulatedHeight += $("#supplierStatusDataRow\\." + snapshots[i].ID).height() - 1;


        var splitID = $(this).attr("id").split(".");
        if($.inArray(parseInt(splitID[1]), IDsShowing) == -1){
                $("#supplierStatusDataDiv").find('[id^="supplierStatusDataRow\\.' + splitID[1] + '"]').animate(
                    {opacity: 0}, 
                    function() { $("#supplierStatusDataRow\\." + splitID[1]).remove();

        totalHeight = $("#supplierStatusRadioDiv").height() + $("#supplierStatusNameDiv").height() + $("#supplierStatusSlider").height() + accumulatedHeight;
        $("#suppliersSnapshot").animate({height: totalHeight}, 500);
        $("#supplierStatusDataDiv").animate({height: accumulatedHeight}, 500);
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what does the msg var looks like? can you do console logafterthe succesful call? – amosrivera Nov 21 '12 at 23:18
May not help, but I suggest assigning snapshots[i] and snaphots[i].ID to variables at the top of the loop. It will make it more readable, and avoid potential typos when writing that expresion each over and over. – Barmar Nov 21 '12 at 23:19
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Sounds like you are looking past the end of the array in your for loop. Try:

for(var i=0; i< msg.d.length; i++){
    suppliers[i] = msg.d[i];
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it's always the little things, isn't it? jeez, so stupid. Thank-you very much! – user1382306 Nov 22 '12 at 15:00
you gave a good description of the issue , so it was relatively easy to deduce probable issue. Many others just write "this doesn't work, why" – charlietfl Nov 22 '12 at 15:03

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