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I'm dumping DHCP messages with wireshark and running dhclient interface_name to force the dhcp client reconfiguration.

The first time I run dhclient I get all the usual messages: discover, offer, request, ack. From the second time on, I only get request and ack messages.

Is the machine storing/caching the content from the missing packets somewhere? If so, how do I force the whole message exchange?

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dhclient interface_name

actually this command only renews the interface's IP; if it does not have an IP then you will see the full DHCP sequence in order to get one.

if you allways want to force the full DHCP sequence (DISCOVERY, OFFER, etc..) then try the sequence

dhclient -r interface_name

dhclient interface_name

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You can also use below commands

 ipconfig /release

 ipconfig /renew

Wireshark will see DHCP Release packet after the first one and full DHCP sequence after the second one.

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But that's on windows, right? –  Ricky Robinson Mar 13 '13 at 10:35

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