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I use collective.plonetruegallery for image galleries within Plone and I like it. However, what I miss is a "download" button or a simple "link" in order to let users actually download a image. The "Galleria" display view of plonetruegallery does seem to offer such a link/button -- does any of the other display views? Or any other solution whithout having to hack the plonetruegallery addon myself?

I know that you can right click and then choose "download image" among several other options within your preferred browser -- however, for a dumb user to cumbersome ;)

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I have added an option to collective.ptg.contactsheet (1.1.2) that let you choose between going to the content or downloading it. Espen

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There's not a built-in "feature" to do this. You can see which of the gallery views might have this; looks like you've already found one. I'm sure you could easily customize another one to include such a link, simply by following the example in Galleria.

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This is quite easy to make. The url to download the image would probably be: /path/to/image/download

One option could be to just add an action. If you want to have this for a specific gallery, I can probably fix it. (go to https://github.com/collective/collective.ptg.contactsheet or whatever gallerytype you want it for and add an "Issue"


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