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I've just downloaded the new PHPStorm EAP, and noticed this screenshot:

PHPStorm Dark

And I like it very much. Thing is, I can't find any option to make my install looks like this. I know about color scheme, but AFAIK it only change the text editor's color. How can I make my install to look like that? (The screenshot is taken from the EAP site).

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Sexy IDE.......... –  Umair Ayub May 22 at 5:50
Pro programmers use dark IDEs. :) –  Andreas Reiff Aug 13 at 20:23

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Settings (Preferences on Mac) | Appearance | UI Options | Theme | Darcula

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This option is gone in WebStorm 7 EAP (but may come back later on official release?). The answer below works in EAP though. –  Willson Haw Aug 8 '13 at 23:13
@WilsonHaw Nope -- it is still there (checked in PhpStorm though, build 130.1481): postimg.org/image/fla5w2d49 –  LazyOne Aug 8 '13 at 23:20

View -> Quick Switch Theme -> Switch Look And Feel -> Dracula -> Restart IDEA

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