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We are planning on versioning our key resources at build time by appending a version to the filename (e.g. main-v1_1.js)

We are learning how to use require.js to manage our resource loading. I would like to be able to specify a postfix in the require.js configuration that will be appended to the resources being loaded.

var version = "1_1";  //inserted at build time
      postfix: "_" + version  //is there something like this?
require([main]...); //would load main_1_1.js

Suggestions? Thoughts? Better ways to handle this situation?

Thank you.

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Sounds like this would be suited to the map configuration option.

    map: {
        'some/newmodule': {
            'foo': 'foo1.2'
        'some/oldmodule': {
            'foo': 'foo1.0'

When 'some/newmodule' does require('foo') it will get the foo1.2.js file, and when 'some/oldmodule' does require('foo') it will get the foo1.0.js file. This feature only works well for scripts that are real AMD modules that call define() and register as anonymous modules.

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I can see this working if the mapping could accept wildcards ('': { '': '*_1_1') for the actual script files themselves and not just the module. I don't want to have to map every js file... – Steve Nov 26 '12 at 23:17
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We ended up using the urlArgs parameter to append a version querystring.

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