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I made an application in API7 which read rss feed, I used SAX parser for that. There are no problem when I run it on the emulator for API7 or on my phone(still API7), I can see image, title, date, description from the rss url, everything is perfect. But when I try to run on an API8 or more (emulator, phone, tablet), I see anything only a white screen. Anybody can explain me what happened? I did not receive error message in LogCat.

Thanks in advance.

Here is my Activity class : public class ImageNasa extends Activity {

TextView titleView  ;
TextView descriptionView  ;
TextView dateView ;
ImageView image ;

public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

    String url = "" ;

    try {
        SimpleSaxParser parseur = new SimpleSaxParser(url) ;
    } catch (SAXException e) {
        // TODO Bloc catch généré automatiquement
    } catch (IOException e) {
        // TODO Bloc catch généré automatiquement
    } catch (ParserConfigurationException e) {
        // TODO Bloc catch généré automatiquement

    resetDisplay(SimpleContentHandler.getTitre(), SimpleContentHandler.getDate(), SimpleContentHandler.getImage(), SimpleContentHandler.getDescription()) ;

} // fin méthode onCreate

public boolean onCreateOptionsMenu(Menu menu) {
    getMenuInflater().inflate(, menu);
    return true;

private void resetDisplay(String title, String date, Bitmap imageUrl, StringBuffer description){
    titleView = (TextView) findViewById( ;
    titleView.setText(title) ;
    dateView = (TextView) findViewById( ;
    dateView.setText(date) ;
    image = (ImageView) findViewById( ;
    image.setImageBitmap(imageUrl) ;
    descriptionView = (TextView) findViewById( ;
    descriptionView.setText(description) ;

} // fin classe ImageNasa

Here is a SimpleParser class : public class SimpleSaxParser {

 * Constructeur
 * @param uri
 * @throws SAXException
 * @throws IOException
 * @throws ParserConfigurationException 
public SimpleSaxParser(String uri) throws SAXException, IOException, ParserConfigurationException {

    SAXParserFactory factory = SAXParserFactory.newInstance() ;
    SAXParser parser = factory.newSAXParser() ;
    XMLReader saxReader = parser.getXMLReader() ;
    saxReader.setContentHandler(new SimpleContentHandler());

} // fin classe SimpleSaxParser

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With no code, it's really hard to do anything... – PearsonArtPhoto Nov 22 '12 at 2:24
Try to manual add some Log. to check incase you get the parsed data. – Jul Nov 22 '12 at 2:40

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