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In my virtualenv, I have installed WebHelpers with some errors, but the installation process finished in the end.

When I start the Pyramid Web Application, I still get the this error:

  File "D:\Py3Env\lib\site-packages\webhelpers-1.3-py3.2.egg\webhelpers\paginate
.py", line 250
    raise Exception, "__getitem__ without slicing not supported"
SyntaxError: invalid syntax
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The WebHelpers package is not (yet) python 3 compatible.

Python 3 has removed support for raising exceptions with a type and value. It should instead read:

raise Exception("__getitem__ without slicing not supported")

Unfortunately, there are more things in the WebHelpers source code that make porting it to Python 3 a daunting task, especially for someone new to Python.

You'll either have to switch to using Python 2 or use a different library altogether.

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