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According to my code I always have real positive integer indexes. (i>1 and 2i-1>1 so I should not have any problem) Can you see what is going wrong here?

Thanks, Amadeus

>> vector=tracks(1,2).matrix

vector =

   33.7275   96.5223   27.9644
   31.7655   95.9838   28.9847
   30.6771   95.9896   29.0000

>> length=tracks(1,2).nPoints

length =


>> for i=length:-1:1 
Subscript indices must either be real positive integers or logicals.

>> for i=length:-1:1 i end

i =


i =


i =

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In this line: for i=length:-1:1 you've used not one, but TWO in-built Matlab functions as variable names. General programming rule: Don't use in-built functions as variable names. ps, don't change your i subscripts to j. j is also an inbuilt function :-) – Colin T Bowers Nov 22 '12 at 4:12

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You should recognize the difference between 2*i and 2i.

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